Why this forum

The application of AI must be connected to people and their needs on the ground, and the potential benefits of AI translated into real impact for people

The ground-up approach of this Forum is an excellent way to start drawing fresh ideas and practical use cases on how AI could help increase access to healthcare and education for the most vulnerable in rural areas, and improve the movement of people, goods, and ideas especially within and between rapidly growing megacities across Africa.

The conference intends to serve as a forum for African States, international organizations, civil society and the AI sector so that they can: Stimulate education, research and innovation in the Field of new technologies to participate in the implementation of the Universal Health Coverage ; Evaluate the national policies and regulations to use AI to achieve the Sustainable development goals ; encourage the development of new sources of data to train machine learning algorithms, especially in data-poor environments ; Discuss about the form of Human-Machin collective intelligences that need to be put in place for the improvement of health system ; Consolidate international partnerships to promote transparent and inclusive use of AI and discuss on recent AI trends and the way that they improve health systems.